You’re doing what?  Ceremony & Ritual

You’re doing what?  Ceremony & Ritual

Merriam-Webster defines ceremony as: 

  • a formal act or series of acts prescribed by ritual, protocol, or convention 

Merriam-Webster defines ritual as: 

  • an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner 

…and what does this have to do with #consciouspause?  …and don’t those words have a religious connotation to them? 

Well, maybe to some people they do.  Maybe most people haven’t even thought of those words in a long while, if ever.  Perhaps society today has forgotten the value of ceremony and ritual (we’re too busy?).   

When I decided to take a leave of absence, monkey mind (my term for overthinking and anxiety) had taken over.  I had to remove myself from routine and busyness in order to try to hear myself. Ceremony and ritual helped to put order into my life when I felt like I was spinning, & out of control. Rituals helped to ground me, to help me feel like there was order.  Rituals helped me to focus and be present.’s the intention behind ritual or ceremony that can make it sacred, no matter what the act(ion) is. 

Simple actions, such as journaling and preparing healthy meals can be a sacred ritual.  Or it can be something more unique to only you.  I started to follow the moon cycles and created ceremonies and rituals that happened monthly.  This corresponded to the idea of “intention”.  Setting intentions for how I wanted to be, or things I wanted to accomplish, or to let go of, based on the moon cycles. 

Watch Oprah talk with Mariel Hemmingway about simple morning and evening rituals…maybe you’ll be inspired.   

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