Winter solstice and a pause

Winter solstice and a pause

As we approach the mid-point of winter in the Northern hemisphere, known as Winter Solstice I am curious about how others spend the day with the shortest amount of sunlight. What emotions show up for people as you go about your activities in the dark. Do you even notice?

For me, winter used to be a time of just feeling cold and tired. I now embrace the opportunity to be out in nature’s beautiful playground and am grateful for the longer periods of darkness. It feeds my desire to slow down, to cocoon a little more, to change into comfy clothes at 5pm.

We can do a lot of searching about various winter solstice traditions or activities, and we can create our own if we are called to do so…but for this blog I am inviting you to pause.  See if if you can find some time to be still. To use the short amount of sunlight to be present and reflect on the year or to listen to anything that shows up in your mind or body. I invite you to hold space for a sabbatical mindset today.

The cycles of nature can also give us clues for our own cycles or actions – being covered with a blanket (of snow), darkness to sleep a little more, shedding things that have run their course (leaves) and preparing for the next season of growth (spring).

So, perhaps you can find a bit of time in your day for a conscious pause…to rest for a moment or longer…to reconnect to yourself and nature, to start a reprioritization of undoing busyness just a little.

2021 has been another year of uncertainty and stress. Be kind to yourselves. Celebrate the darker days with some well deserved slowness. And if you are so inclined, our  2021 Year End Reflection guide is in the newsletter, to help you.

Sara and I will be doing our own pausing as well. There will be a break in the writing and posting until January 3 of the new year so we have space to rest and reground throughout the holiday season.

Thank you for being with us for another year! Happy Holidays to you and yours, see you in 2022

Karen and Sara



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