What is a sabbatical mindset?

What is a sabbatical mindset?

We have been talking a lot about taking conscious pauses / sabbaticals in our blogs (obviously). In this one, we are going to shift the focus just a little, to talk about a sabbatical mindset and what we mean by that term. Firstly, we totally believe that taking a full on sabbatical, or leave of absence from our work or our busyness delivers such rich and deeply valuable insights and re-grounding opportunities. And, we recognize that not everyone can formally sabbatical even when they intuitively know they could benefit from one.

I have a friend who really needed some time away from their life…away from the list of to-do’s more specifically. Everything seemed a bit overwhelming and they were wondering if the path they were currently on was suitable now, because we all know that the only thing that is constant is change, right? Anyhow, for them, actually taking a sabbatical just didn’t work, so we shifted the discussion to how to curate a sabbatical mindset instead. We worked on small changes, with the idea that a small change is better than nothing.  And with some sessions of asking and answering deep questions, together we came up with ways that worked for them to incorporate this new way of thinking and being into daily routines…as we say here at Conscious Pause – a one size that fits one plan.

“you will find it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy”

– C. Joybell C.

Here are a few advantages we believe can come from adopting a new, daily perspective on slowing down, and an article with similar information:

  • going fast is not always the best way…we may lose the true intention of the task or the way of life. Making decisions can potentially be easier when we aren’t rushing through life.
  • we could also state that a slower pace supports quality, with less potential for oversight in what we are doing or the way we are living.
  • living slow(er) creates space to shift your perspective on priorities…we have time for anything if we make it important to our health or sense of well-being.
  • a slower, more mindful way of being can truly make the difference between thriving and burn out.
  • pausing is good for the body and stress levels


Sometimes we just don’t know where to start when we are shifting patterns and behaviours. We get it, humans are creatures of habit. As modern sabbatical guides, we are here to support you when you are starting on this journey. How? Deeply reflective questions, resources, experiential suggestions, and a ton of support when things are hard…curated just for you.

If you are curious about this, or are ready for a pause, we are happy to chat with you anytime info@consiouspause.com




“If you’re really truthful with yourself, it’s a wonderful guidance”

Charlie Chaplin


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