What if pausing and changing is courageous?

What if pausing and changing is courageous?

Big changes or decisions will make ripples…and sometimes that’s the fear that arises when considering taking a Sabbatical…a voice pops up that says ”I can’t do that, what if what I learn requires me to make some big changes and  blow up my life?” 

What if?  A loaded question if you think about it…so many possibilities lay in those two words, and so much fear. 

Most of us like to be in our comfort zone, and have some feelings of control over the majority of our lives.  When the threat of a major change looms or actually appears, we resist it.  I know I did, and still do sometimes even when I know change is what I need.  I like knowing my routine, or my plan is intact…and what I’ve discovered is that staying in my comfort zone also means I slip into a state of autopilot in my life. 

Yes, there is a real possibility that if we intentionally pause and reflect,  we will need to make some changes or decisions, sometimes some hard ones.   

Change can be scary and  you already know that because everyone has had an experience where change has freaked them out.  The flip side of that coin is that we risk becoming stagnant which is also scary – perhaps scarier.  So, let’s consider this: 

  • What if pre-determining a bad outcome from change is  just adding more stress for you? 
  • What if things do change … for the better? 
  • What if things change a lot, and life becomes more authentic and more fulfilling? 
  • What if everything does go to hell in a handbasket – you are strong and will survive 
  • and we’ve all heard the stories of people who had unplanned changes happen to them and they were grateful for it in the end… 

 But now what?  Is this a ticket to a new understanding of my life?  Or a bomb that’s going to blow up everything?  Consider one more possibility:  that you remain essential the same person you were, neither new nor destroyed – Ellen Ullman 

 What kind of feeling shows up when you read that quote?  What if you do remain essentially the same, and in a better place after a big change?  Or maybe you become more aligned to your goals of today and tomorrow instead of your goals of yesterday? Or you become more self-aware of what you really want?  Possibility, by asking “what if?” is an amazing perspective. By pausing intentionally, doing some deep reflection, finding courage to be authentic – yes, you might land in a world of change, but what if it turns into the best world you’ve been in? 

The planner in you might feel more comfortable making small steps with a plan in mind vs jumping in with both feet on a whim…that’s ok. 

The perfectionist in you might make a plan and consider it for a long time before enacting any change…that’s ok. 

The adventurer in you might be secretly wishing to blow up your life tomorrow…that’s ok 

…and your heart and soul might also know that now is the time for change…so go for it! 

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