We are taking a sabbatical

We are taking a sabbatical

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life – Mary Oliver

Hello dear readers,

It is that time again for us…to practice what we preach, and to take our own sabbatical. It’s summer now, and over the last six months we’ve been busy learning, writing, & sharing for Conscious Pause.

Now, garden season is here. Bicycle riding season is here. Staying up late to see the summer sunset season is here. Both Sara and I are feeling the need to be connecting with nature, ourselves and other interests and will therefore be taking a break from this aspect of our work.

We love and appreciate so much that you take the time to read our newsletters and comment on our social media posts. We deeply believe that our day to day lives are too busy and our souls are truly asking for rest. And that we are genuinely in need of reconnection with our deep selves and true & current priorities.

We also acknowledge there is a lot going on in our world right now…so remember to take time to feel your feels if the emotions are all over the place for you, rest if/when you need to and actively support change where it calls you – every bit helps.

Life is short as they say…so – we are taking this time to let go of the hustle a little and drink some lemonade while barefoot in the sun.

See you all in September!

With so much gratitude,

Karen and Sara

The trouble is you think you have time – Buddha

If you’re not bare foot, then you’re overdressed – Unknown

We curate: guided sabbaticals, sabbatical mindset programs and mini sabbaticals.  Contact us at info@consciouspause.com for more details

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