Understand your busyness

Understand your busyness

It can be difficult to find ways to slow down and reset when you’re in a fast-paced environment that constantly asks you to be on the go.

Like many of you, I was conditioned to be busy. To always have something on my calendar and use “busy” as a badge of honour. For years, I lived this way without even realizing it. I was burnt out and didn’t even know it until I took a sabbatical from work. After coming back from this time, I realized I needed to shift my life in order to feel refreshed and restored on a daily basis. Since then, I’ve been on the journey of finding new ways to slow down.

Understand Your Busyness

The first step is recognizing your busyness. Ask yourself why are you so busy? What is the source of your busyness? Or, why do you feel the need to be busy?

I challenge you to zoom out and observe. A lot of us use busyness as a distraction from things we don’t want to face/do…having hard conversations or making life changes for example. A lot of us see busyness as “the” way to achieve.

How would you answer these questions about the pace of your days?

  • Is it something that actually needs to be done or is it something you think needs to be done?
  • Are all your tasks critical?
  • How does your to-do list make you feel?
  • Are the things that keep you busy draining or energizing?
  • Are they helping you achieve your goals?
  • Am I avoiding anything in my self/life?
  • Have I just been doing things on autopilot?
  • Am I tired? (this one seems so simple, yet for some reason there is great resistance to resting when tired)

If you can slow down momentarily to think about these questions, you might find that you need to slow down regularly to continue digging into your patterns, habits and mindset about pausing.


Slowing down is a power move – Amy Cuddy

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