Truth is sometimes we need to pause

Truth is sometimes we need to pause

Are you aware of what emotion(s) come up for you when you take time for yourself?  Might it be guilt? Is that a hard question to answer/face?

The truth is I ask this question of you because I’m curious about how you value productivity in our society, & how you are programmed (yes, strong word) to hustle and grind your way though life and career.

And if productivity has been given so much value, the truth also is that we’ve reduced the value of rest and play. And then it permeates into your psyche’s as unworthiness to allow yourself to take time to be slow and rest.

Given the state of our world right now, and for the last two years, I am willing to be that you might feel overwhelm on a regular basis. I am also willing to bet that you do feel guilt if you slow down on a regular basis.

The truth is you live and work in a system that emphasizes the notion of lack, or not enough to go around. This is what gets you to hustle, to grind, to busy yourself to (near) exhaustion. So that you can have your piece of the pie before someone else eats it.

And for as often as you feel that time is rushing by you, your life can actually be quite long, and the truth is there is usually enough of everything to go around – including time.

So, I offer you this…every now and then you need to consciously pause and be in the moment, for no other reason than to connect with your deepest self. To be able to find the deep wisdom inside yourself, from all your life experiences, and to remember what truly is important in your life.

Again, considering what is going on in the world, the idea that you could lose what’s precious to us, really highlights what is precious to us.

The truth is there are many ways to consciously pause your busyness during your day but here’s a few of our easy favourites:

  1. Breathe – close your eyes, take a long slow breath, hold it just for a moment, and then exhale slowly. Try that a few times, it’s actually a form of meditation.
  2. Get outside – nature is a great reminder of slowness, walk slowly and really see where you are. It’s also proven to help you feel better, with no negative side effects.
  3. Do nothing – this is likely the hardest one for people – seriously take 5 mins to just sit somewhere comfortable and stare out the window. Here’s one of the payoffs – see if you can notice what is running through your head (what is that voice telling you?) it could be an a-ha moment.
  4. Turn off your devices for a while – be present with yourself, your friends and family, in work meetings. It’s actually very tiring for your brain to be thinking about so many things at once.

The takeaway thought: the truth is, you will benefit in so many ways when you consciously pause the busyness in your life and in your mind.

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life” – Socrates


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