What is Time – a commodity or a gift?

What is Time – a commodity or a gift?

As we arrive into a new year, I often think about the passage of time. A couple of weeks ago, I was doing my practice of morning pages. It had been a few days since my last entry and I was feeling pressure to get it done before my day started. At that moment, I was thinking about time as a commodity. I had a lot to do that day and only a few hours in the daylight to do – welcome to Canada and the northern hemisphere!

Then I wondered if I considered time as a gift rather than a commodity, would I look at how I lived my life differently? Would that change how you think about it or how you would make choices in navigating your life?

When it is seen as a commodity, time seems scarce, moving quickly, or something to be controlled. We try to find life hacks to maximize our hours each day to become the most efficient with our resource of time. Perhaps it becomes something to be consumed.

However, as a gift, time could be something to be treasured and cherished, something to pay attention to because the only certainty is this moment we are in. As a gift, we can savour it.

I don’t really have any answers but it did make me stop and reflect on my relationship with time. If you had to choose your relationship with time, would you want it to be a gift or a commodity?

New years are a season for contemplating time. Whether we are setting up plans for the upcoming year or reflecting on how we spent the past year (see the 2021 Conscious Pause guide here), how we see our relationship with time could make a difference in how we navigate life.

I often choose a theme word for each year and for 2022, my word is “savour”. To really appreciate the moment, be present and enjoy it. To delight in it all! Perhaps that is the essence of a sabbatical mindset, to embrace the moment and find pause amid the busyness around us.

That is my hope for us this year. That we can savour time as a gift. To not control it but to see it as the beautiful offering it can be for us.


“If I get bound by time, I think it should all happen in my time. It didn’t happen in my ancestors’ time; it may not all happen in my time. But the possibility is always unfolding” – Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams


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