The cost of not pausing

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The cost of not pausing

Have you considered the costs of not taking a pause? Sometimes it just feels impossible to step away from the frantic pace of life. There is a seemingly endless to-do list and so many ideas that we either want to do or think we should do. It feels like there are not enough hours in the week and that we can’t get it all done. This scarcity just perpetuates a constant feeling of failure and trying harder and still falling short of what we want to get done.  

There is a cost to this vicious cycle of trying to keep up with everything. It can have an impact on your health, your relationships, disconnection from values, lack of sleep, and loss of passion. We found a couple of articles that speak to those costs here and here.

At the beginning of March, these signs were starting to show up in our own lives as founders of Conscious Pause. We found ourselves overwhelmed. Similar to so many of you, this year has been hard and brought challenges that have taken us to our edge. Symptoms of burnout started appearing along with too many priorities and deadlines in both our professional and personal lives. For me, it felt that I lost my passion and energy for what usually would bring me energy. When that happens, I know something needs to give. 

So rather than power-through with a stiff-upper-lip or as some people like to say “Try to more resilient”, we are going to take a break from our blogs for a few months to rest and re-set ourselves. We would rather invest in our health than keep doing things that will cost us our mental and physical health or even our joy for life.  

Thanks for your understanding as we talk a step back from blogging for a bit. We will continue to be posting on social media occasionally so feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up-to-date on our next steps. Our shop will continue to be open and there may be occasional blogs if we find something that would be interesting to share. 

We hope you can also find a pause in your own life. It has been a tough year and life just seems more difficult in some ways. So, we are going to take a breath even if that means stepping back from things that are a big priority for us. It is not easy but necessary.  

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