Taking an intentional sabbatical

Taking an intentional sabbatical

Are you a busy body?

Not the kind in everyone’s business, but where you’re always trying to get somewhere so fast, or do so many things that you miss opportunities, and life, around you?

Or do you subscribe to intentionality?

Intentional living is living a life that is in alignment with your core values and promotes self-growth. Someone who lives an intentional life decides on purpose what they want their life to look like.

Here’s a question for you. Do you know your personal “why” behind the decisions you make? Do those decisions align with your values, goals and desires? Start by evaluating the culture you are living and working in. And it’s also about examining yourself and your life, really getting to know what’s truly priority. This is great start to moving towards intentionality and away from living on autopilot.

(This article has a few steps and pointers if you’re interested in reading more on this).

Be brave enough to ask yourself what’s truly important in your life: Is it spending time with family? Is it working out? Is it reading? Or maybe it’s just having some time every day for yourself? If so, make sure those things are on top of your list so they’re prioritized above everything else!

Or it can be something bigger and deeper like your career, your relationships, where you live, who you are as a person & how you show up in this life.

If you find yourself feeling like your days are completely jammed packed with errands, meetings and tasks, it can be helpful to take a step back and look at your schedule (and whole life) from an outside perspective. Honour the space between the items on your to-do list and think about your intentions.

There is more to life than being busy. Whether it’s for work, life, or personal growth, taking a sabbatical (especially one that’s curated just for you) can help you shift your perspective and gain clarity on what’s most important.

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