Taking a pause is for everyone

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Taking a pause is for everyone

A lot of people think that only the privileged can sabbatical” byconsciously pausing their life or their work.  There’s an assumption that it’s only for academics, or people with lots of money or time…others. 

We won’t deny it – if you have the ability to pause life or work at the drop of a hat you likely have some privileges that others don’t.  Perhaps there’s a way to think about pausing differently…to challenge the perception that only a certain segment of the population can do this and that you’re not part of that segment. 

Being conscious about your “to-do” list and how busy you are or why you are so busy is key. Changing your mindset about sabbaticals or conscious pausing is one of the first steps.  Not every sabbatical means traveling around the world or taking months off from your job or life. Planning or taking a conscious pause doesn’t need to be another stressor in your life.   

Perhaps redefining your definition of the word also comes with that first step…to view pausing to be about abundance, gratitude, life – something that lifts us up, gives inspiration and energy.   

You can shift your perspective (one of the privileges of being human) on how you see words, actions, and the world.  This can also look like setting an intention to pause. When you set the intention to pause, it becomes easier, like scheduling something in your calendar. If you wait for the perfect time, it may never happen. It doesn’t take privilege to set that intention and desire. 

When you see your ability to pause life in any way – whether that is through a full-on, formal sabbatical or in little daily disciplines incorporated into your everyday life, you are privileged.  When you set aside time and space regularly for the things that fuel you, assist you in aligning or realigning with your purpose and passion, you are privileged.  And as we’ve written about before this can be as simple as taking a bath, reading, meditating, walking, creating. 

When you are brave enough to pause and slightly or largely rearrange your life, your relationships, your work, then you are privileged.  If you woke up today, you are privileged.  If you are grateful for everything you already have, you are privileged. 

And when you take these thoughts and apply them to your ability to pause, slow down, or fully sabbatical then it is a privilege – one we can all participate in. 

  What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude:  Brene Brown

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