Re-entry to the blogosphere after a pause

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Re-entry to the blogosphere after a pause

Back in March, we took a blogging pause or a sabbatical from writing. In addition to the heaviness of multiple lockdowns and the grief from the pandemic, there was a lot going on in our personal and professional lives. We felt we couldn’t do it all well and this realization led us to take our own advice and take a conscious pause.

It is important to stop and listen to the whispers directing our lives. It takes deep listening to hear our intuition to guide the next steps –  not only for the Conscious Pause work but in our lives. We sensed a shift approaching back in March but we didn’t know exactly what was going to change.

And things are shifting.


Over the past four months of our writing pause, I (Sara) decided to step away from my full-time job and Karen submitted her retirement notice for this coming fall. Big changes!

I am taking the summer to rest and experiment with different threads of possibilities for my future. With this shift in my life, you will see a bit more activity from Conscious Pause as I share reflections for this season.

Our blogs and newsletter will look different than before with more tidbits, short reflections, and helpful links and resources. For example, here are a couple of quotes that I am reflecting on this summer:


What is for me will not miss me.
I do not have to chase behind anything or anyone.
If it’s meant for me, it will be mine.
I will keep working on myself in the meantime.
I am showing up to do the work,
and I will be ready to receive all things that are divinely created for me
    • Alex Elle


The best thing about your life is that it is in a constant state of design.
This means you have, at all times, the power to redesign it.
Make moves, allow shifts, smile more, do more, do less, say no, say yes.
Just remember, when it comes to your life, you are not just the artist but the masterpiece as well
    • Cleo Wade


Thanks for sticking with us as we explore together what it means to intentionally slow down in a world where busyness is commodified and over-valued. If you haven’t signed up to receive our newsletter, please do so as there will be subscriber-only content in it beyond just notification of blog updates.

We will continue to be posting on social media occasionally so feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up-to-date on our next steps.

We hope you can also find a pause or small sabbatical in your own life. It has been a tough year and life just seems more difficult in some ways. So, we are going to take a breath even if that means stepping back from things that are a big priority for us. It is not easy but necessary.  

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