Pausing with a “Plan Be”

Pausing with a “Plan Be”

Raise your hand if you have a plan, or plans for how your life should look right now. Or perhaps as it is still January you have a new idea for how you life should turn out for this year and all the actions you are going to take in order to achieve the vision.

It’s good to have a plan. It’s likely worthwhile to have a back up, depending on the situation. I feel we’ve all been well trained to have a Plan B. But how many of us have a Plan Be?

That saying popped up for me a couple of years ago (I think…Covid time seems to be warped a little).  I was starting to understand about being “embodied” and how it meant getting out of my head…oh my, something that is hard for me to do sometimes.

I also realized that in many instances in my life I had disassociated from my body and that at other times I had analysis-paralysis (meaning: overthinking and too much in my head).  So these days I am working feeling what my body is telling me, & not only to listening to what my head is saying.  Maybe we should call this our “plan being”.

“Don’t just do something, sit there”

Conscious Pause knows that a sabbatical from the busyness helps with so much: resting, reconnecting to what & who’s important, ensuring you are living life by your own design not by default. And when we can’t take extra time away, finding the space and place for a little pause is a start, better than nothing.

So, we are curious…do you have a plan for slowing down even just a little? A plan to feel what’s happening in your body? A plan for recognizing who and where you are, truly, today and not living from plans you made last year or last decade?  This is hard work…and necessary in the world we find ourselves in.

How about letting it go, not doing quite so much and find your Plan Be?


“Just be and enjoy being” – Eckhart Tolle


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