Pausing and the power of nothing

Pausing and the power of nothing

why we should have nothing to look forward to…

What’s in a word? In particular, I’m curious about the word nothing and how we (you) use it. The use of the word nothing is casually flung about in our conversations…especially in relation to when asked about certain kinds of activities. As in “Q: what did you do this afternoon? A: Oh, nothing really”

Things like: resting, sleeping, daydreaming. These nothings are somethings, in fact perhaps the most important somethings of all. And our society kind of looks down on us when we do these important nothings.

During a recent conversation (thanks Helen J.) the recognition of we devalue certain types of activities with the word nothing came up. In my opinion this is related to how much our society values “productivity”.

Here’s a couple of excerpts from an article:  The Pyschologist – from the UK

This reductionist view of the human body and the human purpose pervades our current working and personal lives

‘Busy’ has become the accepted response to being asked how one is.’

Not doing anything is not laziness. It’s an act of recharging and resurgence. And doing nothing isn’t just for rest either…our world is so fast paced and constantly buzzing, taking time to not do anything is healthy for your mind and body. Silence and disconnection are good tools for creative focus.

Digital technology has made us forget how to be still.

As I personally consider how to redefine my own perspective of productivity and practice being comfortable with the activities that a lot of society deems as “nothing”, I am intrinsically putting value on resting every day. And by resting I mean pausing and reflecting on the things that I’m thinking or wondering about. Or daydreaming or imagining what’s to come for me, what I want to bring into (or out of) my life. Reading or learning is actually productive. Having a nap is actually productive. It’s counter-intuitive I know, but it works.

So here’s hoping we can shift the narrative around the words nothing and busy. Here’s to changing how we talk about the value of slowing down. And here’s to understanding why each of us have put so much value into the volume of our own productivity.

Let’s stop using the word nothing in a devalued way and reclaim the importance of resting and pausing.  Here’s a word to try instead:  busylessness




“what fits into your definition of productivity?”

– Conscious Pause





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