Pause – even when it is uncomfortable

I don’t know about you but I am conditioned to get out of uncomfortable situations as soon as possible. If something is awkward, unpleasant, or tension-filled, I want out.  This happens in the big stuff like annual reviews at work and little things like a yoga practice. To be honest, I sometimes get impatient when holding poses in yoga. What do you mean I have to hold this for five breaths? I want to just move onto the next downward dog. However, I was recently doing a home yoga practice with Yoga With Adriene and she said something that resonated so much.

“She said “Pause –  even when it is uncomfortable.”

I realized that often I want to move on to the next pose because my body is not used to it or I don’t want to pay attention to what my body is feeling.

Then I thought about how pauses are hard in real life, not just yoga. We want to be doing the next thing. If something is hard or uncomfortable, we want to find a solution or move beyond it. What if we sat with it…and paused? In 2020, I am trying this out by intentionally sitting in the tensions or frictions that arise in life. There are so many times it would be easier if life could exist in the polarities of right or wrong but rarely is that the reality. The complexities of life can be so uncomfortable because answers are not simple and there are so many perspectives.

This year has amplified our collective and individual levels of discomfort as we have been experiencing shelter-in-place. We have to hold even when it is uncomfortable. How do we work through this time and see the lessons it may teach us? There are challenges and constraints for many but there is also an opportunity and new ways of being. Maybe in the holding still, we can hear what we need to know.

What can we learn from the discomfort or pain of life, of relationships, or maybe even yoga?

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