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“I’ve learned that making a living is not the same as making a life.” - Maya Angelou

Conscious Pause Overview

Does taking a breath or a pause in our busy, status-focused society seem impossible some days?  In fact, at work, it could be considered a “career-limiting” move. To counter all the voices pushing you to hustle and grind, Conscious Pause invites you to slow down and sabbatical for a day, a week or a month, or maybe even just five minutes.

You may have many reasons why you think a sabbatical is not for you and you are not alone. This suggestion is truly counter-culture as it doesn’t conform to society’s narrative of what’s most important in life. A slower pace is not valued.


But what if time was considered your most precious resource and it was treasured in the same way as money? Imagine what your life could be like if you are not rushed.

Conscious Pause provides support, products, and inspiration for re-grounding and reflecting so you can reconnect with yourself through a sabbatical practice. This is not selfish or self-centered but rather caring for yourself is essential to ensure your needs, desires, and health are considered. Essentially, it means ”consciously pausing” instead of functioning on auto-pilot through life.

It’s like the emergency instructions on a plane. If you do not first put your oxygen mask, you cannot help others. Taking a pause is like taking a life-giving breath of oxygen.

Conscious Pause

If you want to take a pause in life, Conscious Pause can help:

    • If you only have 1 minute to breathe, scroll through our Instagram and be inspired.
    • If you have 5 minutes, subscribe to our blog or browse our most recent posts to see things differently.
    • If you are longing for a more substantial break or want to cultivate a sabbatical mindset, browse our shop for our products and services to help you take a conscious pause

As Anne Lamott says “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Co-Founder Profiles


Karen Olson

After having a “near-miss meltdown” myself, I see the importance of pausing, slowing down, listening to intuition…something I knew in my head, but hadn’t done a good job connecting it to my heart.  Now, I feel strongly pulled to share my story and push the edges of societal norms around conscious pausing & reflecting.  We value busyness too much these days and I feel there is far too much stress in the world. Conscious Pause  is our way to share ways of knowing, support ways of being and curate space for you to plan your sabbatical. 

Sara Bateman

Sara Bateman

I am committed to sharing my story in the world to encourage others to talk about the importance of pausing, exploring, and questioning the life we live. Every month or so, someone reaches out for my advice on taking a sabbatical. It is these conversations that prompted me to think there are many people yearning for a pause but do not know where to start. Conscious Pause is a platform to share our resources, perspectives, and other voices that are exploring and learning about the idea of reflection, pause, pilgrimage, and questing for a life that we feel we are here to live.