Introducing new Sabbatical blogs

Introducing new Sabbatical blogs

Hello Sabbatical friends,

Are you ready for a change of pace?

For those of you following Conscious Pause for the past year, you know that we have been blogging about our experiences, learnings, and perspectives on conscious pausing by exploring the five phases of a sabbatical. But now, we’re switching things up.

Over the upcoming year, we’ll dive into a theme each month that’s focused on the different reasons people resist taking a conscious pause and, along the way, maybe unpack some myths you may hold about taking a Sabbatical. We’ll go deeper into the theme by sharing research and diverse points of view to encourage a shift in your perspective around each theme or myth. And,*BONUS*, if you joined our 6 or 12-month Sabbatical Society membership, you’ll get a corresponding playlist and other related goodies that connect to the month’s theme.

We start things off in October with the theme “Fears” which coincidently lines up with this fun fact…did you know that the second Tuesday in October is “Face your Fears Day”? Watch for the first blog of the series on October 6.

Also, **GIVE AWAY ALERT** if you haven’t already entered our contest for one of our favorite books and a 6-month Sabbatical Society membership, jump over to Instagram for the details. You have until September 30, 2020 to enter so don’t delay.

And, pop over to our website to check out the changes on our website where you’ll find information on our new products that were launched a couple of weeks ago. You can take advantage of our special launch pricing available only until September 30.

Finally, we’d love to hear what your conscious pausing looks like…#consciouspause. We love hearing from you so thank you for all of you who have read, shared, and commented on our blogs from the past year.

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