I don’t know how to make a Sabbatical plan 

I don’t know how to make a Sabbatical plan 

When considering disrupting your life (either in a big, or small way) have you planned it?  Or, so far, has disruption just happened by outside forces/situations?  Or…maybe you’ve never actually disrupted your life? 

How do you feel when things have “happened to you”?  Upset?  Out of control?  Confused?  All interesting and valid feelings…sit with them for a bit. 

When it comes to taking a Sabbatical – of any sort, planning is a distinct phase.  It’s taking the wheel and changing things from happening to you, to making it happen for you. 

It can be scary to plan disruption in your life.  It can also be empowering and insightful. 

For me, I was in a place that I couldn’t even make a decision on what to do with my Sabbatical.  I was also very lucky to have good people around me that understood the importance of what I was about to undertake.  They supported my choice, gave me ideas on what to do, and encouraged me throughout the experience. 

I see now that I was scared…scared of actually “doing it wrong”, which in hindsight makes me embarrassed and laugh at myself.  But then it was a reality….I didn’t know how to make a plan to disrupt my life.  And, if you find yourself in an unplanned disruption, you can still turn it into a plan, by choosing a mindful approach to your reactions.

Here’s some things I would like to share with you: 

  • Any plan you make is a great plan! 
  • Any change you consider in your life is the right one! 
  • Any specific time you give to consciously pausing and reflecting is enough! 
  • And...congratulations on making a plan! 

If you need some support or guidance on this phase, or if you find yourself planning, or in a Sabbatical and could use some resources, contact us…we can help. 

We offer a one hour phone call for $50.00.  We can take you on as a client and walk with you through all 5 phases.  And if you haven’t already, sign up on our website for the companion guides to our blogs for some starter self reflection questions. 

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