I am too busy to Consciously Pause

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I am too busy to Consciously Pause

I am so busy!   

How often do you say that when asked “how are you”?  How often do others respond with a similar answer? 

Do we perpetuate the feeling of time flying when we use the language or a narrative that exaggerates or identifies the speed of our lives? 

Everyone has the same 24 hours in their day, so why does yours feel like less? 

Perhaps we are not being present in our daily activities – always thinking about what we are not getting done, or what needs to be looked after next?  Or perhaps we are taking on too much, saying yes when we should be saying no? 

Perhaps we derive some of our self-worth from how much we do, or how little time we have left over? 

I know I am still guilty of people pleasing – of taking on obligations in some form or another so as not to hurt someone else’s feelings.  But this I am working on. 

Regardless of why we feel we are soooooo busy, I’m curious as to whether or not we can use different words or narratives to describe the day to day activities that fill our lives. 

How about this language: 

  • I have experienced a lot today (this week, since I saw you last, etc).  This could be a good conversation starter instead of sounding like a complaint 
  • My days are very full. 
  • I am learning a lot lately. 
  • I am practicing mindfulness to enjoy all the activities in my life. 

Or perhaps, if you slow down a little and listen – you will hear another narrative that suits you better. Consciously pausing helps you to prioritize, relax, heal…your mind, body and soul.  This was something that helped me decide I needed a sabbatical…could it help you with a decision? 

Sabbatical curious?  Contact us for more information on how you can incorporate a sabbatical into your day to day life.   Email us at info@consciouspause.com

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