Get out of your head and into your pause

Get out of your head and into your pause

So, I have been thinking about thinking. And sometimes I think too much as do a lot of us. All the possible scenarios for any decision or replaying a past event show up in this crazy dance and discussion in my head. Should I, shouldn’t I…why did I, why didn’t I…etc, etc. I bet you know the drill.

“I was having a pretty good day until I thought of something I said when I was 15” – hanna schaub

Anyhow, I read a book called “Becoming Supernatural” a while back about the connection between our body, our thoughts & habits and this concept stood out for me:

…for the most part, our brains are products of the past, shaped and moulded by what we’ve learned and experienced…if you focus on the known, you get the known, if you focus on the unknown, you create possibility…

Basically saying that we run on autopilot for a lot of the time, and that when we think of or envision the future we base it on our experiences from the past. Also when we are on autopilot, we are essentially “unconscious” and our behaviours and emotions are actually now habits by frequent repetition.

So today, I invite you to turn off the autopilot switch, take hold of the steering wheel and guide yourself into a pause. To consider not thinking so much about it, and feel it instead…and use the feeling (intuition) as your decision maker, not your head.

Is that scary to you? Perhaps then, it is the exact thing you should try.

Finding ways to be more mindful and slow, allow space for thinking, feeling, re-orientating yourself. Getting into your pause and listening to your body and emotions help to guide you with decision making that is authentic. Pausing helps rediscover joyfulness and creativity along side the bigger, deeper things that you might need to consider changing in life.

There are so many ways to do this work we get it…sometimes having a guide helps.

Breathe – to pause, to make space, to collect your thoughts
to remember, to face the next moment, to choose
– komomo

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