Five Sabbatical Re-entry Rituals to Try

Re-entry is hard. You have changed but the organizations and people around you have not. Physically, you look the same but the way you see the world and are processing your intentions and priorities are different. 

And honestly, most people won’t care about your learning and shift that happened during the pause you took.

There is help to navigate this phase. Here are five tips on making re-entry easier 

1) Similar to the support for starting your sabbatical, having people to check in on a regular basis is useful. As founders of Conscious Pause, we meet with a group of women weekly called “Trust Circle”. We set this up after one of our sabbaticals so we had a place to lean on each other as we try to show up as our whole self in the work we do. 

2) Have a morning ritual that starts your day to ground in and remember what you learned during your pause as reflection. This could be morning papers from Julie Cameron’s The Artist Way. It could be meditation using apps like Insight Timer.

3) Find allies to share your time away. Others have also interrupted their regularly scheduled programming and narratives. Find them and tell your stories. 

4) Create something tangible that represents your time away that you can bring into your workspace to remind you. This could be a photograph, a quote, a piece of art or talisman-like crystals.

5) Similar to the cultural shock of coming back from traveling to other countries, returning from sabbatical is hard. Be kind to yourself and don’t over-commit your time. Rest. Eat well. Take good care of yourself.


These simple steps will help navigate the emotions that come with re-entry. 



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