Field Note: Siestas

Field Notes

Field Note: Siestas

When did we decide that only toddlers and old folks need to take naps?   

Sara and I recently spent two weeks in Spain, where this practice is alive and well.  We did a lot of walking and wandering every morning and as the day heated up, everyone slowed down. the saying goes – when in “Rome”…we did what conscious travelers do…we siesta-ed!  

Here’s what I learned: 

  • You really feel much better after a nap 
  • How decadent and rebellious it feels to nap during the day 
  • It actually didn’t interfere with our bedtime 
  • It can be habit forming 

Think about it – we put little ones down for a few of reasons:   

  • They’re cranky without one (as can some adults get around the 3pm mid-day crash) 
  • They’re growing (aren’t we also trying to grow, albeit perhaps emotionally or spiritually instead of physically) 
  • We as adults might just need a breather (again…around some people at the 3pm crash) 


Now, we do realize that we haven’t been able to change culture so much yet – where we can just lay down under our desks or wherever we might be working…but here’s what we might challenge you to consider: 

  • Just take a little break in your work day, however that works for you (a short walk, 5 minute meditation, a glass of water because we can all use more water) 
  • On days off, try an actual nap or conscious downtime for a few minutes (or an hour) 
  • Change the way you talk about or think about naps (self-care vs lazy) 

Just because we are in North America and don’t really value napping, doesn’t mean we can’t take a lesson from the hotter places on this beautiful planet. 



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  • Tiffany M
    Posted at 20:28h, 10 December Reply

    This is great ladies!
    Oh, how I wish naps were part of our Canadian culture. I absolutely love a good nap and always feel pretty awesome afterwards.
    Keep up the great posts, thanks for sharing important content.

    • cpause
      Posted at 20:01h, 12 December Reply

      Thanks Tiff! Hope you get some good naps in over the next few weeks.

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