Pause for Thought: On Purpose

Pause for Thought: On Purpose

On Purpose

This typically means intentionally.  That we do or say something that we meant to do or say, on purpose.

What if we look at that statement just a little bit differently – On Purpose.  Here, purpose meaning the reason for which something is.

How many of us wonder what our “purpose” is?  How many of you know what your purpose is?  The reason for which we are…and being on that path on purpose, not only because we landed there…

There are lots of ways we discover purpose.  Some of us are still on the journey to discover that.  What intrigues me about this little statement though, is remembering that feeling we get when we are “on purpose”…when we are in alignment with our authentic selves.  When we are in flow with life, with things that bring us joy, when “luck” seems to be with us, or when the stars are aligned…you know that feeling, albeit fleeting sometimes in life.

We believe that taking a conscious pause in life can help.  In the same way that meditation can help…by slowing down the mind, your life, your day…to a speed where we can hear our authenticity whispering to us.  Remember vinyl records…and the speed button on the player…just like that…push the pause button of life.  Listen, be curious about what you hear, write it down, review it, put actions to it…see what happens.

Also…today is Belly Laugh Day!  Find someone to share a moment with, or lol by yourself…laugh, from your toes, it’s really good medicine!

And in the meantime, if you’re curious about taking a sabbatical and want to kickstart your process – we offer a $50 30-minute phone intro conversations that will help you get going. Email us at to discover more.

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