Pause for Thought: Between Sundays

Pause for Thought: Between Sundays

My sister-in-law Bobbi launched a new podcast last fall called “Between Sundays” and it is all about “finding the sacred in the everyday.” While it is created by a church, I found the universality of the conversations refreshing.

For her first season, she talks to artists about how they find their purpose and ultimately, the sacredness through the creative process. One podcast in particular (episode three with Christi ) stood out to me as it reflected some of the same questions I asked myself in my sabbatical. She mentioned a couple of books that I also explored in my time: The Artists Way and the War of Art. It is always fascinating to see another person’s path reflecting your own journey as this episode did…especially during the first half of the conversation. The second part of the episode dives deeper into Christi’s spiritual beliefs so it didn’t connect as much but there is still so much to reflect on within Christi’s story.

If you have the time, listen to all the episodes to hear stories of creative sacredness and the voices of fascinating people.

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