Fears, perspective and conscious pausing

Fears, perspective and conscious pausing

In our last blog, we started talking about fears and how they might show up when considering taking a pause or sabbatical.

We’d like to continue the theme of fears and add in some thoughts on perspective.

First, let’s address how fear might show itself if you’re considering a conscious pause.  Fear might tell you:

  • needing a break is weak
  • what if I don’t “do it right”, or fail in some way
  • who am I if I’m not living the way I’ve been living

Try shifting your perspective or lens that you see change. As humans we often go to the worst-case scenario but what if we saw the potential of a pending decision. Around taking a pause, here are some perspectives to consider: 

  • needing a break is normal, human and healthy
  • a Sabbatical is a journey, and everyone’s is unique so it can’t be done wrong
  • work on accepting that jobs or current situations are not the only defining aspect of ourselves.

You can also shift your internal narrative around the fear of failing, to be about the learnings that come no matter the outcome.

Life isn’t about finding ourselves, it’s about creating ourselves – George Bernard Shaw

To create the version of you or your life that is “your truest, most beautiful version” as Glennon Doyle tells us in her book Untamed, but remember that “[it] never promises to be an easy one”.  But you don’t know how your life could change until you try slowing down and digging in even if that brings in fear.

Another perspective on taking a sabbatical is from Stefan Sagmeister’s TedTalk on The Power of Time Off.  He takes a full year off every seven years to become re-inspired and creative – while we know that this is not possible for most people, we can become curious about this idea and look for ways to incorporate the sabbatical mindset into our every day.

Here is a mantra to help with the fear of …to help shift your perspective:

Fear of change – Thank you for the comfortable habits I’ve created, they have contributed to my sense of security.  I now know that “old ways won’t open new doors” and I can make changes with small steps.  Thank you. 

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