Fears and Conscious Pausing

Fears and Conscious Pausing

How familiar are you with the voice inside your head…you know, the one that makes you hesitate? Or talks you out of certain experiences completely?

Since starting this work on sabbaticals and conscious pausing, we’ve heard a few common themes about what that little voice says around taking a pause. We know fears often show up saying often “you can’t!”

Maybe some of these fears have shown up for you. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • I can’t take a pause, I thrive on chaos
  • I’m afraid I’ll be judged at work or by friends and family
  • I’m not sure I want to hear what’s actually going on inside me
  • What if a pause stops the momentum of my career?
  • It feels immature and/or unwise
  • It’s selfish, and I should grind & hustle hard every day

If so, you’re not alone. I’ve used them myself.  And they are completely true for many of us who have ever considered or actually taken a Sabbatical. Having fear when considering something unfamiliar and new is normal.

The fears we don’t face become our limits.

So we pose this question: is it possible you could be limiting your life because of fears? Can you hold those fears AND get curious about why they are talking to you and where they come from?  We certainly won’t try to tell you that they are unfounded when you think about a Sabbatical, but we can encourage you to dig into them and understand if they are manageable.

Elizabeth Gilbert reminds us in her book “Big Magic” to keep fear in your life, but not to give it a vote in your life, and not to let it take the driver’s seat on your road trips to creativity and new experiences.  Watch this little video for some additional inspiration.

Push through, change happens on the other side.

Our fears quite often tell us we can’t take conscious pauses or sabbaticals, but research shows us that we should not only for our work and personal life, but for our wholeness and wellbeing for living.

Taking a Conscious Pause is like conducting a life experiment. You might see where you are in life from a different perspective and recognize a need to change things. This can be scary!  Here’s your challenge to reflect on: what if the strength that your fear holds begins to diminish when you actually start planning a Sabbatical or even just a day off to pause life?

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