Yesterday was Family Day here, a Provincial holiday allowing us to spend time with…well…family.

I sincerely hope that now in the year 2020 we can understand (and hopefully without thinking or judgement) that family comes in all ways.  Family are the people we are born to and the people we choose.  Family are the ones that support us and love us and challenge us to be the best version of ourselves.  Family are the people and pets in our lives that we can count on.

Sometimes blood family can’t do those kind things for us…sometimes spending time with relatives drains us of our energy, triggers unhealed wounds, causes great amounts of stress and guilt…then what?

Self care, that’s what.  A conscious pause as self care.  A conscious pause where you ask yourself those deep questions that help with self-awareness and support the release of limiting behaviours and expectations.

If you’ve been following us since September when we launched Conscious Pause, and if you signed up for our blog companion guide, you may have noticed that we have a five part framework for taking a Sabbatical.  We’ve written and published all of our first blogs for these five phases (Decision, Plan, Start, Sabbatical, Re-entry) based on our experiences.

And so…we are also going to take a pause now.  After one more blog next week, we are going to reflect on the past months, ask deep questions of ourselves, spend time with family and ensure self care is scheduled into our routines…practicing our own advice.

With that…we sincerely hope that however and with whomever you spent Family Day…it was a joyful, energy-giving and calm day.

And, if you’re curious about taking a sabbatical and want to kickstart your process – we offer a $50 30-minute phone intro conversations that will help you get going. Email us at to discover more.


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