Change is a beautiful thing

Change is a beautiful thing

Do the work of uncovering your Why.  Do the work of establishing your own personal philosophy and set of values. Do the work of naming the highest, eulogy-worthy priorities in your life.  Then do the work of putting them at the center of your life every day. 

– Brooke McAlary 

 That excerpt is from our resource related to this blog.  The book is entitled Slow: Simple Living for a Frantic World where the author talks about her journey to recognizing there is no quick fix or central cure to slowing down life.  What she does share with you is that in order to do so takes time and that it really is a journey (potentially one taking years) of getting to slow.  It potentially will require you to make changes.  In a nutshell, you need to consciously pause in order to do self-examination, you need to do self-examination in order to understand your personal values which may or may not be being actualized in the way you live.  And then you need to focus on making the changes. 

I know, the idea of change, whether big, small or a series of them that result in a shift likely brings up fear, uncertainty, vulnerability – all big, scary emotions that for a lot of us are enough to get us to do or think about something else…quickly going back to our comfort zone…saving the work for another time. 

I can relate to her story because I did a lot of reading, listening and learning about changing my life.  I had great friends who supported me with great resources.  The big a-ha came when I realized that I had to do my own work along with the learning.  I couldn’t just leave all that information bouncing around in the logical part of my brain – I needed to embody the learning into actions, connect it to my heart and soul…and then make the time to make the changes. 

Last week we quoted “one day or day one – you choose”.  That ties into this thought:  time will pass anyway, spend it creating the life you want. 


let autumn be proof that
change is a beautiful thing
even though it can be
hard to see at first.

– Sabina Laura 


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