Biggest take away from time off

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Biggest take away from time off

Life sure is different these days isn’t it?  How are you doing?  What would you say is your biggest take-away from the unplanned pause we have been experiencing? 

When I took my leave, I did not take the sabbatical to go on vacation.   And I did not take my vacation time to go on leave.  In my mind they are separate options.  I needed the leave to refresh, rethink, regroup, reconnect…to myself.  And I would have been negating all the benefits of that, if I did not have any vacation time to use for the remainder of the year. 

Do you feel like you could use some of that kind of time?

So often these days, we tune out our gut, our soul, our intuition and capitulate to societal expectations that indicate that busyness or “powering through” is admirable.  Can you relate to the idea of powering through?  

By sitting still, and sitting “in it” (my shit) I was able to remember that I know all that I need to know is inside me…without relying on external validation.  Your needs for looking after your mental health will look different than for others and it’s a deeply important aspect of yourself that I feel we don’t make enough time for. 

Do you get time to sit still…and know or be?

Remember the longer you wait to manage the stressors and to keep balance in your life, the more the imbalance becomes your norm, and the deeper you are in the hole that you’re trying to climb out of. 

I learned that chasing other people’s dreams crushes who you are.  I learned that living obligatory vs authentically numbs you. 

What could change for you if you take an hour everyday (or some scheduled practice at home and at work) for mindful reflection, purpose focused planning, authenticity and self care?

Again, what is your biggest takeaway from life lately?

In his 2009 TED talk, The Power of Time Off, designer Stefan Sagmeister talks about how he shuts down his studio every seven years, and takes a year off.



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