Are you too busy to pause?

Are you too busy to pause?

We fill our time and days with busyness, then make excuses for being too busy to slow down.
Are you too busy to pause?

In this blog, we are asking for some reflection time. So before you read any further, pause…find yourself a pen and paper (or colored pencil and a notebook – make it fun), settle in to a comfy space, maybe even prepare a drink or snack and then continue.

Consider these comments or questions, it doesn’t have to take too long – set the timer for 15 minutes. But by all means take as much time as you have or want to. Write down what comes to mind via reflection.

  1. When I’m not busy, I feel guilty.
  2. I’d love to slow down but there are so many demands on me.
  3. I’m not sure how to pause meaningfully.
  4. If I slow down, I might need to acknowledge certain things in my life.
  5. Are you afraid that if you stop, things will fall apart?

Congratulations! You just completed a mini sabbatical. Perhaps you’ve discovered something worth digging into a little more?

We have a lot of expectations on us in our modern lives but pausing and reflecting is good for you. It’s good for your circle of people and it’s good for society at large. Rested individuals are less stressed individuals and we can all use a little less stress in our life, right?

Think about it: if you were able to cultivate a healthy pause practice, you’d be more productive, more present and more compassionate to those around you. Conscious pausing can help us shift the narrative of modern culture, which is one of productivity & busyness over just about everything else.

So, are you too busy right now?

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