Using a pause to focus

glasses to focus

Using a pause to focus

I recently had to get progressive lens for my glasses which is part of accumulating years in this life. The focus and ability to read books and my phone without squinting are astounding. It reminded me of the first time I got glasses as an awkward 12-year-old. I remember putting on the glasses and seeing the definition of the leaves on the trees for the first time in years. That distinct memory has stayed with me over the years.

The great thing about my progressive lenses is that there are three parts that bring focus to different aspects of my life and what I see on a daily basis. The top part allows me to see things far away clearly, the middle part focuses my eyes on my computer, and the bottom for reading things up close. I appreciate that there are different lenses or tools for each need.

Once I put on the glasses, I wondered why I suffered from not seeing things clearly for so long before getting progressives. This reflection made me consider the parallel of getting the right lenses to taking a sabbatical or pause as a tool to help bring things into focus more metaphorically.

Almost everyone we talk to knows the value of rest, pausing, or taking a longer break with a sabbatical but still live busy and overwhelmed lives. They know they need to slow down but often put it off for a variety of reasons. They seem to rather live with burnout than find a solution.

When people do take a conscious pause and really slow down, things come into focus that couldn’t be seen when they were moving so fast in their busy life. And more often than not, people taking a sabbatical wonder why they suffered for so long and resisted taking the break. We are a strange species. We often put off getting the help or tools we need that will help us in our life.

Just like a corrective lens, a conscious slowdown in life brings clarity and focus to the important things in life. A pause allows you the time to see the details around you. Is it time for you to take the time to rest…


…and see what comes into focus for you



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